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Re: Maintainers

Paul Tiseo wrote:

>>Plus there has to be an official "Coordinator", responsible for answering
>>the posts nobody else answers, collecting cool ideas and ToDo items
>>appearing on the list, keeping long term goals in mind etcetc.
>	I'd like to compact "website designer" and "group coordinator" into one
>position I would fill. I have already been saving up all emails that
>pertain to the workings of the group so as to formulate ideas. I am too
>busy getting over that initial design hump, but once passed, the coasting
>should be easy enough. Since I have no extensive experience in coding and

Don't be fooled here. When we'll have more action here (more people
committing texts, taking part in the discussion, asking questions etc) both
the "Erwin" ;) and the Coordinator jobs will take quite some time. 
I don't think one person could do both. But of course you can do some pf
the coordination stuff.



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