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Re: Maintainers

ahienola@mist.helsinki.fi wrote:
>> >What would this part include in general? If its not a very complicated 
>> >one, I might be interested.
>> Looking for press articles, linking them to the site, check those links
>> from time to time, perhaps add a little (tiny) summary/comment, collect
>> editorials from people and organize them on the site, sometimes actively ask
>> people if they're interested in writing something (e.g. when someone posts
>> something related on the list)
>> I think that's not very much, organizing the stuff on the site is propably
>> the main work.
>Ok. I think I have time for that. Do I collect the stuff for our webmaster 
>to put it in the page or do I get some login information to edit the
>page myself?

You better let the WAD/Erwin put it up. At least for now. We'll have to see
how good this method is in practice.



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