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Re: Info from maintainers

On Sun, May 16, 1999 at 10:24:54PM -0400, Paul Tiseo wrote:
> Could the maintainers Christian listed please send me the following: the
> email address you'd like to get mail at,your http (if you have one) you'd
> like people to visit and, if everyone consents, a pic of your ugly mug! :)
> (Some sites "personalize" thier contacts with pics. Do we want to do the
> same?)
I don't think the pics need to be there, the http link will probably take
care of the personalization.

Email: cap@capsi.cx
Http: http://capsi.com/
Pic: None on-line at the moment I'd dare to show. ;-)

Rob Kaper | mail: cap@capsi.com + cap@capsi.net + cap@capsi.cx
          | web: http://capsi.com/ + http://capsi.cx/ - icq: 707085
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          |  when the sun is coming up not going down." -- Alan Cox