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Re: New game project

Pedro Medeiros wrote:

> This game will take a while to evolve, for not a single piece of code has
> been implemented yet. We are not experienced programmers and we don't know
> how to optimize code for games yet. Our major problem is the set of libs and
> SDKs we could use. Libggi lacks the sprite handling support, although it's
> the most promissing environment.  Svgalib and X11 are both quite unfriendly,
> and it may not be a good idea to get messed up with them right from the
> start. SDL and Clanlib have those security issues too.

I hate to gratuitously plug my own code, but it sounds like Sprite32
would fit in nicely here. It sits on top of and pretty much depends on
X11 for right now, although I'm trying to work on that and make it more
platform and graphics-system independent, like ClanLib. The first beta
release ("Anakin" :)) will be out in a few days.

Jeff Read <bitwize@geocities.com>
Unix Code Artist, Anime Fan, Really Cool Guy