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Mario Vukelic wrote:
> Darel Finkbeiner wrote:
> >
> > I'm looking for opinions ( and there seem to be no end of them on this list )
> > about a good IDE for programming in C/C++.
> If you don't like emacs or xemacs (which you really should ;o) you could
> try those already mentioned (Rhide, xwpe, the wonderful debugger ddd
> etc). Someone mentioned CodeWarrior, but AFAIK the /real/ CodeWarrior,
> i.e. the MetroWerks commercial, proprietary one is being ported to Linux
> and will be out in Spring 99. But there's a UI-clone, called
> CodeCrusader at http://www.its.caltech.edu/~jafl/jcc/ (check the
> license) which has a class/struct view tree which is quite nice, built
> in editor (but can be changed to use any other) and debugger (frontend
> to gdb). Its all very nice, very Mac-like. Definitly worth a try.
> Alternatively try CodeForge (sorry can't find the url)

If you are running KDE, also try 'kwrite'.

>From the online help:

"KWrite is a text editor for the KDE Desktop. It could be a programmer's
editor best used in conjunction with kfm for source file browsing for
different languages. KWrite may also serve well for composition of small
plain text documents. It is meant to be a programmers editor, and it
could be considered as a partial alternative to more powerful editors
such as XEmacs or Emacs. KWrite's main functionality feature is the
colorized syntax assured for many programming languages: C/C++, Java,
Python, Perl, Bash, Modula 2, HTML, Ada."

"How to obtain KWrite:

KWrite is a core application of the KDE project http://www.kde.org.
KWrite can be found on ftp://ftp.kde.org/pub/kde/, the main ftp site of
the KDE project."

Ross M. Meeks
Software Developer