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A couple of C++ game-related questions

You C++ guys out there, could you clear some things up for me?

First of all, is there an STL implementation for Linux? Or something
similar? What do you guys do for linked lists? Do you make your own/use
and old one that you made?

Also, I noticed in the Linroids C code, you are making the display
system portable, but keeping the SVGAlib code in a separate file, right?
How would you do a similar thing in C++?

Would you make a separate Display class for each target? (ie.
Display_SVGA.h, Display_X.h, etc?) And then just plug in the one that
you want to compile for (with make or whatever)?

Also, wouldn't it be a good idea to separate the input as well? What if
you wanted to make your game work at the console, as well as with a
mouse, etc...

You guys should add a section to the web site on keeping your code -
display and input independant. (just a thought)

Thanks and sorry for so many questions <g>, 

Ross M. Meeks
Software Developer