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Re: Corrected article

Rick Genter wrote:
>> Oops. Forgot to attach the corrected version to the amswer mail to Bert's.
>> Here it is
>I tried to read this document and got nothing but garbage. I'm trying to
>read it on a Mac - is there anything special I need to do?

Hmm, it's pretty minimal html with all special chars quoted, attached as
8Bit MIME attachment. Perhaps some problem with linefeed conversion (I
wrote it on Linux which means EOL is 0x0A, while on Macs it's 0x0D). But
pretty much every mailer should be able to handle that. Despite that, I
can't imagine anything causing troubles. I'll send it to you (priv. mail)
with some different encodings. Please tell me if the problem persists.


>Rick Genter
PS: Are you the Rick Genter of former 5dgames, the one critiquing my PPlay
GUI system plans back then? ;)

Drive A: not responding...Formatting C: instead