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RE: Hi everybody!


As a new game devloper, Please post it.  It would be a great help.

ron c

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> Alexandre Courbot
> Sent: Monday, May 24, 1999 12:23 PM
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> Subject: Hi everybody!
> Hello to you all!
> I've been happy to see that linuxgames.org wasn't really dead. This site
> is a good opportunity for us games programmers to promote Linux as a
> real game development environement.
> I would like to help the effort. I've written a tutorial on the basics
> of linux games programming (using GCC, the graphics libraries,...) that
> might be usefull for those who comes from the windows/directx world and
> who want to port their game to Linux. I think it's the right place to
> post it! What do you think of that? It just need to be English corrected
> ('cause my english is approximative) before being posted. Do you want me
> to send it?
> See you soon,
> Alex.