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Re: Hi everybody!

On Mon, 24 May 1999, Alexandre Courbot wrote:

> >Alex,
> > 
> >When you say: "GCC is a very performant, free software C compiler.", what exactly do you mean with >the
> >word "performant"?
> > 
> >ron c
> I mean it is reliable, powerfull and fast. Perhaps there's a better word
> for that?
> Alex.
But is this true? In my experience GCC is neither reliable nor powerful.
In fact it is only fast (at compiling code), but the generated object code
is inferior to almost any other compiler out there (and if you won't take
my word for it, take a look at discussions/benchmarks on dejanews from the
past). Apart from the quality of the generated object code, it's template
support isn't exactly perfect either.

	Martin Starch - ClanSoft