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Re: linuxgames.org

On Tue, May 25, 1999 at 05:52:53PM -0700, Ben Smith wrote:
> > Presumably, Lokisoft would be around longer than any single one person.
> Then again, they're already doing business.  Hmm.  I personally feel a bit
> squeamish about asking a corp that I don't know somebody in to deal with
> it.
Freshmeat/Slashdot - Red Hat
LinuxToday - VA Research (see linux.com)

Let's not think 'a company is bad per se' but write down a list of pro's and
con's for each given suggestion (where I will do so in favor of the suits
(would I ever do *that*!)).

So far the problem that the domain would not be ours and out of control
is still valid for all solutions. Including some company. That problem will
not be solved. Look at the value of what we can get back from the deal:

- a written agreement about the purpose and usage of the domainname
  including what happens in case things don't work out for or between the
  parties. Such a piece could also exist for a private person but even with
  today's business practices it would have lower value because we could lose
  our contact point a lot easier.

- sponsorship and a big name behind us. It doesn't have to be just the
  domainname deal. Sure, we'll be a .org and non-commercial, but that
  doesn't mean we don't want any involvement.

- first-class information. This is why I favor Loki so much: they have
  always expressed their interest and commitment to our community. They
  released some MPEG library under the GPL, they are making games for us
  (sure, for profit, but they also do it for us and not for the 95% using
  Windows).. anyway, my point is: Loki isn't just concerned with the people
  buying games but also in the developers of Linux games.

> > Hell, even that isn't a certainty given the short lifespan of gaming
> > companies, right?
Like I tried to say in my first point: lifespan and continuity aren't the
same. When a company dissapears, a lot of things are settled and arranged.
When a person packs his bags and moves to the North Pole to get away from
anything that's penguin; we'd be empty hands.

> what does it take to do this sort of thing on an international level?  I'm
> no legal expert either.  What would it take to form an international
> non-profit organization?  Heh, what do we do?
We simply aren't big enough for something like this yet. We'd be preoccupied
with legal stuff and not the site I am afraid.

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