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Re: Advertising...

Christian Reiniger wrote:

> > > A standalone version of T-Tux (i.e. without the LGDC text) would be
> > > better IMHO
> > Hm, I dunno (unless you mean T-Tux-on-a-button), those buttons are
> > kindof standard now, authors may be more reluctant to include linuxgames
> I didnīt see them widely yet, thatīs why I wrote that. If they are that
> common youīre of course right.

Well, ehm, I've seen quite a few projects which put their
title on such a button, and I thought it's a nifty idea.
For instance there's a gimp button, http://www.gimp.org/logos.html,
(but gimp is an app again).  An example of a site using this format is
captured.com, http://www.captured.com/images/capbut4.gif