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Re: linuxgames.org

At 02:22 AM 5/27/99 +0200, you wrote:
>On Wed, May 26, 1999 at 08:09:57PM -0400, Paul Tiseo wrote:
>> Maybe we could consider lgdc.linuxgames.com? I noticed Crystal Space is at
>> crystal.linuxgames.com.
>If we're going to do it that-a-way gamedev.linux.org sounds a lot better.
>Don't even know if that would be possible though.

	Well, linuxgames.com seems to host sites, but within the linuxgames.com
name, so that we could have gamedev.linuxgames.com but not what you
suggest. They also offer the same extent of service and wide bandwidth as
sunsite. It'd be a shame to leave sunsite. They have been extremely
helpful, capable and extremely generous. If only we could solve the
ownership of the domain name and associated fees, we wouldn't have to leave

	I guess my only problem with linuxgames.com is that they'll suck our
traffic to pay for their server space with banner ads. This is a minimal
problem, but one nonetheless...

Paul Tiseo