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Re: Hi everybody!

>         A question: how many parts do you anticipate? If you anticipate many, I
> might install your series as a "regular" column or "series" on the website
> rather than a one-time tutorial.

As games programming is a large topic, I plan to make at least 7-8
parts (it may increase, I don't actually now if many people will be
interested in it). So I consider it as a series, since I'll try to write
the parts regularly (every 3 weeks/1month).
The parts 2-5 will certainly deal about libs and utils used in games
programming (graphic libraries, sound servers, games libraries,...) and
after that I plan to write a concrete example (like a simple tetris) to
illustrate all the topics seen in the tutorial.

>         BTW, are you french? Your name seems french to me. I currently live in
> Florida, USA, but I was borna French Canadian in Quebec, Canada.

You're right, I'm french (from here come my approximative English :)). I
think a good thing to do if we want to build a solid team around the
LGDC would be to plan a meeting on IRC, in order to allow new and older
members of the LGDC to introduce themselves. What do you think about

See you,