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Re: Of time scaling and FPS

On Thu, May 09, 2002 at 12:58:07PM +0100, Katie Lauren Lucas wrote:
> Quoting Chris Purnell <cjp@lost.org.uk>:
> > If you want a float it is easy enought to do the integer subtraction
> > becasue you can skip the carry.  You just take the two signed results
> > of the subtaction, convert to float, scale to the same units and add.

> BUT!!! If you do that, you're using an EXTRA integer->float conversion... per 
> frame...

The only way to get away with only doing one integer->float conversion is
by doing it last.  If you convert to float first you will have to do 4

> Grr!! You senseless waster of machine-power!!! You'll rue this day when we all 
> go back to kilohertz speed processors!!

> {Erm. I'll get my coat..}

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