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Re: Pardon my ignorance

On Monday 03 May 2004 20:50, Jonathan Hall wrote:
> Alright, I feel really dumb writing to the list to ask this question,
> but the information I found via google is apparantly incorrect or
> outdated.
> I am trying to simply unsubscribe from this list.  My attempts to send
> mail to "linuxgames-unsubscribe@sunsite.dk" result in the error shown
> below.

Bad. It definitely should work. Can you please send me the messages (the 
one you sent and the "bounce" you received, including full headers), so 
that we can track down this problem?

> When I attempted to contact the supposed list administrator at
> linuxgam@sunsite.dk, I was told that mailbox doesn't exist.  Aarg!

Bad as well. That one should forward to me. 

> So is there another way to remove myself from this list?  Or if an
> actual administrator is lurking, would you be so kind as to contact me
> off the list, or simply unsubscribe me?

I'll take care of it.

> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
>                            UNDELIVERABLE MAIL
> Your message to the following recipients cannot be delivered:
> <linuxgames-unsubscribe@sunsite.dk>:
>     a.mx.sunsite.dk []:
> >>> DATA
> <<< 554 spam detected - mail server permanently rejected message
> (#5.3.0)
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Christian Reiniger

Don't panic--you can always eat at Milliways.
 - Zaphod Beeblebrox