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Re: Going away for a while.

s369625@student.uq.edu.au wrote:

>>Some related notes: I'm busy right now with setting up the LGDC
>>site/project, but that should relax the next days when the announcement is
>>released (BTW: the site is already at www.linuxgames.org - have a look at
>>it and bombard me and/or the LGDC mailing list with comments!).
>I was really imperessed with the site, it is properly terse and informative.
>The HTML is also nicely done, nice looking but not flashy enough to
>make it hard to use (Death to Stupid Graphics Artitsts!).
>The only gripe is this, you said bombard either you or the LGDC list
>with comments.  How to bombard the list?  Somehow I missed the
>formation of the LGDC, and even though it is linuxgames@sunsite.auc.dk 
>I am not sure.   More importantly, _the_ _website_ _doesn't_ _tell_ _me_.

Hmmm, actually it _does_ - the info is in the "Discussions" section. But
maybe that's not intuitive enough. I dunno...


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