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Re: Remove Myself from list

Ephren Taylor wrote:

>I wish to know how to remove myself form the list that way I can re add 
>myself under a new e-mail address.  I want to have the group goig to 
>another e-mail address of mine.

To unsubscribe, send an empty mail to
<linuxgames-unsubscribe@sunsite.auc.dk> (with your old accound) and to
resubscribe send an empty mail to <linuxgames-subscribe@sunsite.auc.dk>
(with your new address).

For more information on the mailing list handling send a mail to

PS: To everyone: The penguinplay list automatically adds a footer with
these instructions to each mail. I think this would be good to have for
this list, too. What do you mean?
And what about having the mailing list manager automatically set the
"Reply-To:" field of each mail to the mailing list address ?


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