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Re: Game examples

Rob Kaper wrote:

>What are the criteria for games to be listed?

You mean in the "Free Projects | Games" section?

>I suggest we do not list anything limited to a certain window manager unless
>it is possible to run the engine/program with a different/independent

Accepted. At least for now.

>I think it makes sense only to place open source projects that had help
>from us. The "big list" should be at linuxgames.org. I really hope they

(1) You mean linuxgames.com, right?
(2) The Linux Game Tome (http://www.cs.washington.edu/homes/tlau/tome/)
already is a really big list (BTW: Are the linuxgames.com ppl aware of that
(3) I'd use "Projects that are under active development, except the tiny
ones" as the criterion (sp?) for being listed on our site. "Active
development" because that's what most free game developers are most
interested in (plus perhaps an "open source games" link archive) and
"except the tiny ones" because these written-in-one-day things propably
aren't very interesting...

But as I think of it...point 3 is crap ;) We should have links to all open
source games, divided up in categories (e.g. Size, used SDKs, ...) and start
featuring one of them each month.

Plus there should be some "Games created with this SDK" in the SDK section
(propably not differentiating between open/closed source)

>think we shouldn't list closed source projects is because developers
>cannot learn from it.

Right. Agreed.


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