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Interested in starting some basic development

Hi folks,

I just got onto this mailing list so I'm really not sure how high the
traffic is or what the postings are like. However, I figured I'd introduce
myself anyway. :)

I'm very interested in starting some Linux-based development that relates
to graphics and games. I'm a CS guy in my sophomore year in school and
I've decided it's time to start on some of my own projects apart from
coursework. I've never done graphics programming before so I think that's
a good place to start. In talking with some DOS/Win32 guys from school it
sounds like graphics programming on the hardware level isn't something
that's very easy to do without a framework such as DirectX or some
existant API.

Where's a good place to start? I feel that if I start working with an
existing API, I won't really have a good understanding of what's happening
at the hardware level. Is this true? Should I try to avoid the existing
APIs such as OpenGL or GGI or whatever else there is out there and just do
some dinking around in assembly and perhaps use the SVGALib in C/C++?

Any input is appreciated. I look forward to getting my feet wet. :)


Joel R. Stanley                   *  jstanley@up.edu       
http://rainier.up.edu/~jstanley   *  #include <std_disclaimer.h>