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Re: linuxgames.org accounts

NJ Lee wrote:

>> Oh my god! You don't have your own computer at hand? Poor guy ;)
>Yeah sounds like a handicap doesn't it. 8P

Well, you could write the HTML/Perl with Pen&Paper and fax it to Rob ;)

>I'm still in the process of deciding what to by, and finding the time to
>get it together.  (Probably something like a K6-2 350/400 with 128Megs and
>a Riva TNT)

Don't forget asking the vendor (and perhaps also NVidia directly) about
Linux support of the hardware.

>However it should be sometime in the next couple weeks that I get it
>21 hours of lectures a week, plus training for rowing is cutting into my
>time at the moment.  But the term ends in 3 weeks.

Well, 3 weeks sounds really good. And too short to justify not to create
your account now (hope I got that sentence right...)


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