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Re: linuxgames.org and the Linux Game Tome

Bob Zimbinski wrote:

>> much about website management etc, but what if you simply send us your code
>> so we can adapt it ourselves when there is time?
>Yes, I understand why you'd want to keep everything centralized.  I may
>be willing to send you my code at some point in the future, but right
>now, I'd be very ashamed to have anyone else look at it. :-).  Although


>I'm not much of a game coder.  I do web and database stuff for a
>living.  If you need this kind of technical help, I'm at your service.

We need that indeed. Most of the content on out site will have to be
organized dynamically - ranging from the SDK and game descriptions over
editorials and published letters to the news items (and most likely some
things I completely forgot). We don't have much experience in this area, so
we'd be really happy if you'd help us with that :)


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