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Re: Interested in starting some basic development

Borko Jandras wrote:

> On Tue, Nov 17, 1998 at 09:17:20AM +0100, Jorrit Tyberghein wrote:
> > > > Most certainly no, at least not yet. CrystalSpace is a high level 3D engine
> > > > specializef for indoor scenes, i.e. Quake-like games.
> > >
> > > Worst of all, it is in C++.
> >
> > Crystal Space would not be as far as it is now if I had written it in C or another
> > non-OO language.
> What good is it if I can't use it. Substitute `I' with `a great deal of
> develpers who don't think much of C++'.

Well, I know a lot of people who wouldn't have started with Crystal Space
if it WASN'T written in C++. But anyway, it is all a matter of taste. Personally
I think that C is not very suitable for such large projects. It is too difficult to maintain.
(But granted, this comes from a person who ones wrote a 68000 assembler program
which was 100000 lines of assembler, and I'm not exagerating :-)


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