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Re: Interested in starting some basic development

On Wed, Nov 18, 1998 at 12:47:07PM +0100, Jorrit Tyberghein wrote:
> > You should have in mind how your work will be used by others. If I write a
> > progam, I must make it usable to the people other than myself, or the program
> > will not be what you may call a success. It's the same thing with libraries,
> > but the users are programmers. YOU have to BEND to THEIR needs, if you want
> > them to use your library.
> But if you follow that mindset then we will be stuck forever with having to
> write libraries in C. I can hardly think that is a good thing. I assume that if you
> wanted to write a library that you'd prefer to write it in your favorite language (e.g.
> Objective C)?

I would prefer Objective-C, but I would BEND and would write it in C instead.

> It's like saying: 'why didn't you write this program in COBOL? Everybody is using
> COBOL. But you did write it in C? No noone will be able to use your program.'

Who uses COBOL? When was COBOL widely used? Watch it: we are talking about

> If all people followed the above thinking in the past then we would still be using COBOL
> for business programs. But times change. C is still widely used but that is not
> necessarily a good thing. Why not help move time along to more modern times?

Modern != better. C++ is IMO really a BAD language. Not just because it
produces bloated code. There are million reasons.

Until something better than C emerges, I would say we're stuck with C. I'm
only waiting for that Java-to-native compiler (for egcs) from Cygnus. Now that
could be the replacement for good old C. Java, as a language, is really the
best programming language today. Anyone disagrees?

> So in summary. I DON'T want to bend to the needs of the masses. If I and others
> do that there will be no progress and everything will remain the same for ever.

This is BS. Where do you see examples of progress achieved using C++?

Borko Jandras	<bjandras@public.srce.hr>