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Re: Interested in starting some basic development

Brett_A._Letner@notes.up.com wrote:

>frame buffer console (fbcon) in linux.  It allows you to directly mmap
>video memory from the linux console.  Upside is that is seems to be very
>fast and easy to understand.  Downside is that it requires a development

Well, it's very fast for basic things, but don't forget that it doesn't
support hardware acceleration.

>kernel and a limited number of video cards with a limited number of
>resolutions are supported.  To me, this seems to be where graphics on linux
>are headed.  Anyone else out there have comments on fbcon?

Well, it's more or less the future for Linux, right. Sooner or later kgicon
(from the GGI project) will be added to it, adding support for hardware
acceleration and some more nice features. And later quite surely both of
them will be replaced by kgi.

But neither kgicon nor kgi are designed to be used directly by any
program. Instead, libggi (see www.ggi-project.org for more) or something
lying on top of it should be used.


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