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Re: Interested in starting some basic development

Quoting Borko Jandras (bjandras@public.srce.hr):

> Let's talk about what can you do TODAY with what you have. Nothing!

The point was, that GGI has existed for a very long time now - and almost
for 2 years now, I've constantly heard it could do every much much much
cooler than everything else to Linux. What happens when you finally take a
look on their project? You realize it doesn't really accelerate anything
(except maybe framebuffer access - but hey, the new /dev/fb in 2.1.x can do
that too).

> X? I did a very simple test. Opened up a 640x480 window and drawed a rectangle
> across it, using Mesa. It took cca. 150 milliseconds for each frame.
> Let me spare you the calculation, that's 6.6 fps. Can you live with that?
> Oh yes, the machine was K6-2 333. X just isn't made for such things.

Using mesa, eh? Funny, direct x must really suck -- because when you use
Visual Basic, you do not get any good performance...

> svgalib? Running games as uid 0? Constantly having the console-fuckup hanging
> above your neck?

I don't think the GGI solution is better - simply because I cannot run XFree86
anymore - now that's lame. And please, do not tell me you can use a
XFree->GGI server, because my gfx card is waaaay better supported by XFree.

> I don't know if GGI will or will not have a future, I just know that something
> has to be done. The current situation holds no future for games under Linux.

It is possible to make good quality games for Linux at the current moment. I
kinda doubt it is the lack of development tools that's keeping them back.
There's just no one to sell the games to. The typical Linux user doesn't go
out and buy games, he gets them from other sources.

Magnus Norddahl