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Re: Interested in starting some basic development

Johnny Taporg wrote:

>> >Both GGI and PenguinPlay suffer from having plenty of talkers, but
>only very
>> >few coders. I recall Alan Cox once wrote something about this on

>PenguinPlay, on the other hand, I'm wondering about.
>What's it's goal, what problem is it trying to solve,
>and what tools is it supposed to give me?  And I
>mean specifics, not the general "it's going to be
>the magic toolkit that will let you code a game in
>under 5 seconds just by thinking" (this IS a serious
>question, btw, not a criticism).  
>What does PenguinPlay give me beyond what I get from

Well, nothing right now to be honest. As Magnus said above it suffers from
having only very few coders. When it's usable, it will make game
programming easier by caring about much of the common tasks, e.g. fast file
access, 2d sprite control, a basic GUI system, an event manager, ...
GGI gives you good and solid hardware abstraction, PenguinPlay will relieve
you of reinventing the stuff-thats-the-same-in-every-game.


PS: And yes, PenguinPlay *will* be usable.

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