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Re: Interested in starting some basic development

Christian Reiniger <warewolf@mayn.de> wrote:
> Well, nothing right now to be honest. As Magnus said above it
suffers from
> having only very few coders. 

First of all, thanks for the answer, Christian.  Also,
I'm not going to give up on PPlay just yet - there's
some specific stuff that I could use from you guys.
Plus, I've seen open source projects go from "lot of
talkers, few coders" to successful projects from
having just one person plants a seed by starting to 

> When it's usable, it will make game
> programming easier by caring about much of the common tasks, e.g.
fast file
> access, 

What does "fast file access" do?

> 2d sprite control,

Yes!  If you saw my other email, I listed some sprite
libraries that I needed.  And I have yet to hear of
one that does exist...

> a basic GUI system,

This, I'm questioning.  GUI seems very specific to the
game.  It seems like in order to be useful for games,
it would have to be incredibly themeable.  

Perhaps it would be more useful to simply port GTK to

> an event manager, ...

Another one that seems pretty specific to the game
in question.  Although in my experience, event
handling is easy to implement... it falls more in the
category of "programming mentality" than an actual
base of code.  Perhaps a demo program would be 
useful for this.

> GGI gives you good and solid hardware abstraction, PenguinPlay will
> you of reinventing the stuff-thats-the-same-in-every-game.

Like I said above, there are some specific toolkits
that I could definitely make use of right now.  

Maybe it would be a good idea to simply create 
individual, special purpose libraries as the demand
arises (I've got needs for some!  See my other email).
Then, you can distribute the individual (finished!)
libraries under the PenguinPlay name.  That way, you
don't need to worry about questions like "when will
PPlay be done?". :-)
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