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Re: Site update

Rob Kaper wrote:

>* For the game projects, add a little description and background info per
>  game and here and there a little screenshot-alike box. This doesn't have
>  to be for all games, but perhaps for the ones we (have) launch(ed)

Did you have a look at the new Linux Game Tome? The design of the game info
pages is very nice IMHO.

>  throught the Game Breeding section. Although content is very important,
>  text-only will scare people away a bit, everyone likes nice graphics.

Especially true for something actually featuring *games* ;)

>* A first project to be launched for December/January.
>  I still had my idea of a Larry-alike adventure game featuring Tux. A few

As long as you don't take the Larry storyline *grin* just with Tux as main
character ...

But I really like Jeff's idea of educational games...

>  fourth feature game. (the first three would be Global Dominance, Altima
>  and NUKE, unless we decided not to see LGB games as 'previous feature
>  projects')

I'd say we feature every project that (1) is promising and (2) needs more
Well, not really *every* such game. You know what I mean ;)

>* Website statistics in some way? How about a hidden counter that produces
>  usefull stats for us? I happen to have wrote a program capable of doing
>  so... just not sure if we need/want stats at all. Would be nice to know if
>  ppl actually visit the site though.

BigBrother? I somehow don't like that one - it collects a bit too much info
IMHO. But well, I don't have a reason to complain, Junkbuster helps me ;)


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