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Golgotha project needs a host

I just came across this for the first time.  From Jonathan Clark's
(former lead Golgotha developer) .plan:

 Login: jc Name: jc
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 On since Wed Nov 25 12:42 (CST) on ttyp0, idle 0:09, from
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 Nov 25. 1998

 There is a project underway to do additional development on
 Golgotha under the GPL license over at golgothaforever.org. I'm a big
 supporter of OpenSource projects and I have long wanted to see if a
 video game could be developed under the same model as Perl or Linux.
 Currently golgothaforever.org is hosted by Linuxgames.com which is a
 commercial entity . Unfortunately they has added banner adds to the
 web pages and ads to the bottom of each email on the mailing list. I
 feel this is not in the spirit of an OpenSource project, which is a
 labor of love. After bitching about this fact, LinuxGames decided it
 wasn't appropriate for them to be hosting us either. So... my
 question is, is anyone feeling very generous and willing to host an
 OpenSource game for free (i.e. no adverts!). I'm aware of places such
 as lowrent.org and netpedia.org which offer free web hosting to
 OpenSource projects, but they can't handle the size of the data we
 need (~1Gig over time, ~100MB initially). Also at least one person
 would need to be able maintain the web site and associated CGI scripts
 which would require some level of trust. A Linux server would be best
 as most OpenSource developers seem to be Linux people. I will forward
 your responses to the Golgotha mailing list. Thanks!

 I have been an casual participant in the project and from what
 I've seen so far there are some talented people working on the
 project. If you are interested in getting into the game industry, I
 think this project can afford you much the needed experience to get
 that initial job. I wouldn't be surprised to see companies
 specifically going after such developers. In other news........

Bob Zimbinski