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My adventure game

Hi all,

I've uploaded a new version of my Adventure Game Engine called "V8", which
now actually runs a demo game in full graphics. See the homepage at:


V8 is an svgalib adventure game engine that forms the executable of
graphical 1st-person-perspective adventure games, inspired by games like
Icom's Deja Vu and Uninvited, Dynamix's Rise Of The Dragon, and Sierra's
King's/Space/Police/etc Quest games.

I posted about this about two months ago, but the interest seemed vague,
I guess because it lacked many important features and people have
had mouse problems, and of course because its written in svgalib (later 
versions will be ported to GGI and maybe gtk). I have now added 
(almost) total keyboard control so it should work regardless if your
svgalib mouse works or not (see the README for the keys).

As always, I'd love to hear what you think about it!

All the best,

Henrik Lidbjörk, Sweden
ICQ: 4417505