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Re: My adventure game

> Henrik Lidbjörk wrote:
> > Thanks! Please tell me what you thought about it (even it didn't even
> > compile) -- your input in very valuable for me and the game.
> OK - since you asked...
> It didn't compile on my SuSE  system. It said:

> I've seen this before though - libpng relies on libz for doing it's
> decompression - some distro's (or maybe some versions of libpng) seem
> to have libpng linked *without* libz - some link it implicitly.
> Adding a -lz to the link line (just after -lpng) fixes that and won't
> cause problems on systems where -lpng by itself is enough.

Thanks!!! I've added the -lz to the Makefile and it compiles that way too,
on my computer.

> I'm using a GeForce-3 Ti 500 graphics card (stop drooling :-)  I doubt
> libsvga works very well with modern cards like that.  It's been years
> since I last saw a libsvga game.  I really think you should use some other
> graphics lib - libsvga is pretty obsolete library these days.  How hard
> would it be to make your game use either X or something like ClanLib,
> Hermes or even SDL?  It looks like you are only blitting rectangles - so
> it ought to be fairly easy to port.

You're right. The need for a version of this game in another library seems
to be even more desperate than I thought. The engine is very well suited
to X, but I saw it as a cool challenge to make my own windowing
environment for it and I'm going to keep it like that even if I make an X
version as well. But you're right, it should be easy to port.

Again, thanks for the input! It's so much more fun to program stuff
when you find people to try it and give you feedback. You're gonna get a
credit for it in the next version.