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Re: Review: Bobobot preview

Bill Kendrick <nbs@sonic.net> writes:

> In games like Bobobot and (my other unfinished titled) SuperTux, I
> really wanted to stay as close to the original game I was cloning as
> possible.

You just have to make sure to not get too close to the original. If I
want to play MegaMan2, I launch an NESEmu and play it. If I got bored
from it I can launch Megaman 3, 4, 5, etc.. All they will take quite a
while to play and will be most likly better balanched and playable
than Bobobot ever can get, so there wouldn't be that much motivation
to ever play Bobobot. Basing free games on the ideas of commercial
ones is perfectly ok, but I would like to see at least a bit more
fresh ideas out there.

> I didn't want to start getting TOO complicated. (Like in SuperTux, I
> don't want there to be multiple weapons and so forth. Super Mario
> Bros. had only the fire flower thing; that was it.)

Yep, it shouldn't get too compilcated either, just adding 100
different weapons to a free clone of a commercial game, want make that
game necesarry better, but will instead kill the game balance. But on
the other site keeping it too close to the original will nearly always
result in something worse than the original, especially when the
original had already quite a few better successors (SuperMarioBros3,
SuperMarioWorld and Yoshis Island all where far better than the
original MarioBros game).

Don't get me wrong, Bobobot looks pretty nice, but truly I don't think
that I will ever play it seriously, if it doesn't come with some
originial idea that clearly seperates it from Megaman and lets it
stand on its own.

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