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Re: c code vs c++ code

Steve Baker wrote:
>> I'm wondering if there is some benefit to using the C code rather than
>> the C++ code.  Is it possibly better for porting to other systems?  Or
>> is it simply programmer preference?
> Programmer preference - I'm sure.

Actually I believe that currently it is easier to port C code simply 
because of projects like Wine. I remember that only C code is much 
easier to make cross platform using Wine or some offshoot of it, but at 
the same time, if you program it correctly, it should be perfectly fine. 
I mean, if I had my program deal directly with the bits, there might be 
an issue, but I made a higher level struct/class, then so long as the 
implementation was ported, then the higher level code was portable.

So I have to agree in the end, it is programmer preference to a degree, 
but also in the current state of things, the Wine project has made C 
code more easily portable.

Feel free to disagree. I am only going on what I remember reading 
somewhere, so I could be wrong. Arguments are meant to gain knowledge.