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Re: Interesting automake feature

Jan Ekholm <chakie@infa.abo.fi> writes:
> Apparently I do something wrong, but my Makefile.am is really
> simple, and contains no custom rules or anything that isn't on the
> first page of any automake tutorial. My configure.in is also very
> simple and does nothing more than setup some C++ cruft and check for
> a few libs. Anyone else seen something like this?

It might be that your headers with no-suffixes are the problem, adding
a .h or .hpp suffix might help. Another solution would be to not tell
automake about the header in the _HEADERS variable, but only adding it
to EXTRA_DIST. IIRC the _HEADERS variable is only needed if you want
to install the header files, non-install header files belong to the

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