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Re: peer-peer syncronization

On Sun, Nov 09, 2003 at 04:09:31PM -0600, Steve Baker wrote:

> >Is there any documentation about doing such things?
> I havn't seen one single place where this has been talked about.

Gamasutra has an article from people working on a Star Wars licence
about internet packet performance. There's also a more recent one
about writing multi-player Moto GP. They came up with the interesting
result that it's faster to tear down TCPIP connections every so often,
because it removes a lot of the hang-ups that make TCPIP a pain. It
still givens you connected-like comms though.

They started off with the usual assumptions that TCPIP weighs too much
and takes too much setting up, but ended up finding out that the usual
assumptions aren't right...