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Space sim in the works

Hey people,

The project which I'm part of has finally a website of it's own. Actually, it's our studio's site, but the project's details are all there. You can find screenshots and a movie from our first techdemo, which demonstrates our engine's rendering capabilities.
I'm the team's lead programmer, and I was responsible for our engine so far (since we recently had a new addition to the team, another programmer). The engine is being fully developed in a Linux environment, though it is actually multi-platform (using SDL and OpenGL).For now we only have the rendering subsystem functioning, but we'll be adding networking, sound, AI, and all the other fun stuff. If you would like to know more about our tech, feel free to mail me.
And, of course, our site is www.somniumstudio.com, go ahead and check it out, comments about our work would be appreciated.
I'd also like to say that this is indeed the *only* technical list I need to subscribe to, since it kicks some serious butt :P. I'll be sure to include linuxgames in the project's credits.

Thanks for your attention,
Miguel A. Osorio.