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nVidia drivers performance issues

Hey all,

I develop a cross-platform engine for Linux and Windows, and here's something I've noticed since I got hold of my new GeForce 6800 GT: I'm noticing a huge performance difference between the two operating systems.

One game I helped develop using my engine currently runs at 18-20 FPS on Windows2000, using Cg shaders at low-level of detail. The same application runs at 70-80 FPS on Linux, also with the Cg backend, only I'm using high-level of detail shaders.

Other application (SomniumStudio's techdemo v1.5) currently runs at 50-60 FPS using the Cg backend and full detail shaders. I just worked on porting the Cg backend to use GLSL exclusively, and the techdemo runs at 200-300 FPS also in full detail, though I don't believe this huge difference happens because of the GLSL port exclusively.

I think it's great that the Linux drivers are "top-notch" as of now, and I expect the support to get even better. I mean, my working environment is Linux, I only make the Windows port for market reasons. BTW, I'm using the 1.0-6111 driver for Linux (on Fedora Core 2) and the current 66.81 BETA drivers for Windows2000. Just thought it would be nice to share the info.

Best regards,