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Re: New package managment

Ingo Ruhnke wrote:

> > ...and a better name. Erm, how about "autoload" with the file extension
> > being ".al"?
> how about autoget? But lets wait for a name if we have something.

Hmm - nice.  Yes autoget rolls off the tongue a little better.
> >   eg: mygame.al would contain...
>                ^^
> Better leaving it to .sh, just more standard and instead call it
> something like: mygame-version-autoget.sh

I was imagining that there would not be per-version autoget scripts,
instead you'd pass it the range of desired version numbers on the
command line:


   mygame.ag --min_version=1.0.5
           Need any version 1.0.5 or later

   mygame.ag --exact_version=1.2.34
           Need version 1.2.34 and no other

   mygame.ag --min_version=1.0.5  --max_version=1.2.34
           Need any version from 1.0.5 to 1.2.34 inclusive

   mygame.ag --max_version=1.2.34
           Need any version so long as it's not after 1.2.34

           Any version will do

This is needed because when a game needs (for example) ANY version
after some specified minimum, it would not know which version of the
script to download from the library web site.

> >    if ( -e /usr/local/plib/lib/libssg.so.1.0 ) then
> >      wget http://www.woodsoup.org/projs/plib/plib.al
> >      ./plib.al
> >    endif
> The check is just to simple, it would fail if I installed the library
> for example to '/usr/local/lib' or '/opt' or what ever.

Yes - it needs to be fancier than that.

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