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Re: [Forward - sigyn@lokigames.com: Re: E-Mail interview for Linux Game Developers Center]

On Tue, Oct 05, 1999 at 08:02:35PM +0200, Rob Kaper wrote:
> I received Loki's answers. There are a few issues I'd like to respond to
> before writing an article though. Perhaps there are a few _you_ would like
> to respond to as well.

Well, my own issues first.

> >2) Do you expect more companies such as Loki to appear? Apparently your port
> >   of Civ:CTP was very easy and succesful, so you must expect some
> >   competition.
> What do you mean, easy?

I got this impression after reading an interview with Loki I read in the
Linux Journal. My apologies if I was way off and the process of porting was
a nightmare. ;-)

> simple as changing the source code. You need to test the port, package it,
> figure out how to sell it and offer technical support to end users. We're
> set up to do all of these things for Linux, whereas other publishers are
> set up to do it for Windows.
> >9) Which games are on your wishlist to be ported, if any?
> I have a few in mind. The good news is that I think we'll get to do many 
> if not all of them. One game I'd really like to do is Age of Empires II...

I'm taking two answers together here: petitions and wishlists. Because Loki
_does_ have the skills and resources for launching a Linux game, you might
be more open to suggestions than other software houses? For example, I think
a football (soccer) management or emulation game would do great in Europe.
Such games have been the major sellers for years here. With SuSE being your
main distributor in Europe, this might be a welcome and realistic product.

(I'm not sure whether to include this example, since it might be a too
personal wish. On the other hand, Loki could hit big here with such a

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