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Word from Loki

Here's a rip from the OpenGL gamedevelopment list which
may or may not fit somewhere in the loki interview nicely :)

             Re: Games on Linux?
             Wed, 13 Oct 1999 09:46:28 -0800
             Michael Vance <briareos@lokigames.com>
             Fat City Network Services, San Diego, California
             Multiple recipients of list OPENGL-GAMEDEV-L

On Wed, Oct 13, 1999 at 03:43:22AM -0800, Neal Tringham wrote:

> (And games on them will be OpenGL or just possibly Glide, which is my excuse
> for posting this here:-))

As a heads up (this is really advocacy), we'll be releasing Heretic II
sometime soon, which is of course OpenGL based for its hardware
rendering (it also has a software renderer), and I'm the programming
lead for our port of Heavy Gear II, which will also use OpenGL as its

> Basically, it seems to me that, though there's clearly some way to go, Linux
> is definitely "building up momentum" as an (OpenGL) games target...

Yep. We're even working on porting Myth II, which was originally Glide
based, to use OpenGL, for our customers without 3Dfx cards (ie, Matrox
GX00 and NVidia TNTX cards).

We're also working with PI to make sure this stuff runs great under
Linux using the DRI--which people should also check out if they're
interested in OpenGL under Linux: http://www.precisioninsight.com/

We're also interested in the OpenGL acceleration issue on non-i386
platforms, since we release our stuff on PPC, Sparc, and Alpha also.


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