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RE: DLLs under Linux

>CODE resources aren't the same thing; there's no symbol capability.
>Basically a CODE resource has a single entry point and no (simple) provision
>for things like global variables.

Ah, yes. Actually that was taken care of by the underlying support stuff we had
so it didn't really crop up.

>Plus, CODE resources are 68K only. The PowerPC uses Code Fragments (see my
>previous e-mail), and if you really want to develop for the 68K (which has
>been obsolete for 5.5 years now), there is a 68K version of the Code
>Fragment manager.

Oh yeah, do recall that now...  :-(

Been a while.

>Agreed. The two-fork architecture on the Macintosh is very useful.

Really liked the multiple-fork nature of the thingy one based on NextStep.
Yellow Box etc. Seemed like a nice plan.