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Re: dlopen -> no references from host


> > To let a dlopen()ed DSO resolves it references using symbols in the
> > executable binary, you have to compile the executable binary with the
> > -rdynamic option.
> Compilling? Hmm, I thought linking. Thanx!

Hmm, I'm right. It's linking where the parameter must be set.
Okay. Now it works. I forgot the parameter.

But now I have an other problem:

I try to import a class. I have to possibilities:

1. putting the reference of the class into the host -> there is no
symbol in 
   the client

2. putting the reference of the class into the client -> linker says 'no 
   reference: Accel'.

I thought of delaring it virtual, but this doesn't work.
Logicly, I must put the reference into the client, because I will load
But how can I declare the class virtual, for the host.


Felix Kollmann, DG5PT

Future Interactive 

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