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RE: Tux vs. Bunny - game project

On 16-Oct-99 Brian Jørgensen wrote:
> Hey
> As we announced a couple of days ago, we are starting on our game project
> Tux vs. Bunny. Since we are not professionals we have some questions, which
> we hope you can help us with.
> Steve Baker wrote that he would recommend using OpenGL and GLUT, but since
> we wouldn't have a chance creating a 3D game (unless some of you would help
> us :-), so we have descided to use GGI, and then we can just hope they'll
> finish the DirectX support.

bummer, OGL is sweet :) SDL is fairly impressive, too

> 1. When the game starts up we would like to display a splashscreen, it
> should just be an image (splash.jpg or splash.xxx). How can we display this
> image and be sure that the splash screen is shown for at least 5 secs?

the lame answer would be to just sleep(5); after it loads
the 2 cooler answers are to 
1) query the time as the first step ends, query the time when the loading is
finished, calculate how many seconds are still remainding, then usleep() the
rest of it, or
2) create a timeout 5 seconds away that removes the splashscreen.

5 seconds is an aweful long time to stare at a lame splashscreen...

> 2. Last but not least, could you recommend me some good places to search for
> helpers, which can help us in the developing  of Tux vs. Bunny?

linuxgames.com has a few forums that might be pertinant. The normal was is to
produce a working core, not complete, but enough there to be interesting and
worth looking at, create channels for people to communicate and get involved,
then throw it out into the real world and cross your fingers.

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