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Re: Tux vs. Bunny - game project

"Brian Jørgensen" wrote:

> As we announced a couple of days ago, we are starting on our game project
> Tux vs. Bunny. Since we are not professionals we have some questions, which
> we hope you can help us with.
> Steve Baker wrote that he would recommend using OpenGL and GLUT...

*IF* you wanted to go 3D...

>, but since we wouldn't have a chance creating a 3D game (unless some
> of you would help us :-)

I could offer modest help - I'm sure others on this list could too...
however, 2D games are good too...

> so we have descided to use GGI, and then we can just hope they'll
> finish the DirectX support.

Didn't you say you wanted it to be portable though?  GGI would be
a poor choice in that case.

Check out ClanLib...it's a much higher level interface.
> 1. When the game starts up we would like to display a splashscreen, it
> should just be an image (splash.jpg or splash.xxx). How can we display this
> image and be sure that the splash screen is shown for at least 5 secs?


    put the image on the screen using GGI/Clanlib/whatever
    sleep ( 5 ) ;


(You probably don't mean that - you'll want to get rid of the splash
screen if the user hits a key, a mouse button or a joystick button - and
you probably want to get on with loading your sprites or whatever
while the splash screen is up. So just read the 'gettimeofday' clock
when you put the image up - and then do your loading and finally:

    while ( no buttons pushed &&
          gettimeofday says less than 5 seconds elapsed )
      usleep ( 10000 ) ;
...but how this is donw probably depends on your choice of toolkit
and windowing library, etc.

> 2. Last but not least, could you recommend me some good places to search for
> helpers, which can help us in the developing  of Tux vs. Bunny?

Helpers?  You mean people to help?

Generally, one could try posting messages to relevent newsgroups - but
what I can tell, those don't produce results.  I think your best bet is
work by yourself to get a basic minimal version going - then post the
existance of a demo and ask for people to join the project at that

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