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Rob Kaper wrote:
>bit about Game Breeding part of site
>> I support that. But some motivated person will have to care about that -
>> and despite the databasing it will be really much work.
>I could foster it.. but I think it would be better if someone else started
>worrying about the game projects part then, my resources (read: time) aren't
>This obviously needs more thought.. as does our entire organisational
>structure and responsibilities. We need a few key figures to keep things
>going but we also shouldn't depend too much on a small group.

Yeah. It would e.g. be good to have some more people who are really in
touch with the project as a whole and thus capable of really doing
coordination stuff. Right now only Paul and me (and perhaps you) match that
And that means that progress slows down when both Paul and I run out of
time (like now)  :(


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