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RE: LI as domain holder for open projects

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> From: Christian Reiniger [mailto:warewolf@mayn.de]
> Sent: Tuesday, October 19, 1999 4:05 PM
> To: Jon 'maddog' Hall, Executive Director, Linux International
> Cc: LGDC Discussion; staff@sunsite.auc.dk; Ryan M. Waters
> Subject: Re: LI as domain holder for open projects
> 	Jon 'maddog' Hall, Executive Director, Linux 
> International wrote:
> >Christian,
> >
> >Linux International would be happy to be the domain holder 
> for your project
> >under these circumstances.  What would be needed?
> Exceedingly cool and froody :)
> Ok, let's see...
> Ryan M. Waters is the one who offered to buy us the domain "lgdc.org".
> I guess the simplest way is if LI directly registers that 
> domain and Ryan
> pays the bill. So we need some info on where to send the 
> money, and how.
> I'd also like to pay something in advance (who knows what'll 
> happen...) so
> I'm interested in that info as well. The bad thing here is that I'm in
> Germany and don't have a CredCard. But, well, if neccessary I 
> can send you
> the money via some relatives in the US...
> Ok, on to the technical things. Esben (or whoever reads this 
> at SunSITE),
> IIRC you said that your policy doesn't allow you to have 
> virtual servers,
> so we need someone hosting (www.)lgdc.org and either forwarding all
> requests to http://sunsite.auc.dk/linuxgames or redirecting 
> visitors to
> there. The candidates I see for that are LI (hosted by VA, right?),
> linuxgames.com and gamedev.net (which both offered to host us). List
> members, what do you think?

  I think we should be hosted by either LI or gamedev.net.  LI Linux
  related but gamedev.net is game dev.  There should be lots of links
  to gamedev.net from all kind of gamedev sites.  If we go with them,
  we might become more visible to the game dev community, and if I
  remember, gamedev are looking into installing Linux as a web server.
  So if we push them a little we might not be hosted on Windows for
  a long time, and anyway our pages are on Sunsite.
  If we become more visible to the game dev community, we might get
  more artists for us, I think this is one of the problems on Linux,
  not enough artists use it, but I might also be wrong.

> Hmmm, ok. Did I forget something?
> 	Christian
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