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Re: LI as domain holder for open projects

Jon 'maddog' Hall, Executive Director, Linux International wrote:

>> I'd also like to pay something in advance (who knows what'll
>> happen...) so I'm interested in that info as well. The bad thing here
>> is that I'm in Germany and don't have a CredCard. But, well, if
>> neccessary I can send you the money via some relatives in the US... 
>You can wire money directly to the LI account, if it came to that.  The domain
>registration is only $35. per year.  I could offer that as my "donation" to
>having more games on Linux.  QED

Mmmpf. Now we need to persuade people *not* to donate something.
*Sigh* I never thought it would get *that* complicated... ;-)

>Please let me know if this is acceptable.

Of course it is! It's great, it's fantastic, it's something I certainly
didn't expect. Yeah...
Thanks a lot.


PS: The technical details are being sorted out in another thread right now
(no need to bother you with that).


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