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RE: Best API?

>> I'd also like some color layering (transluscent
>> sprite overlays)

> I haven't done this, but I think it could be added fairly easily.

Not sure of the most optimised method, but a bit of jigging with palette
values based on the sprite to overlay would probably do something close...

> I've implemented run length encoded (RLE) sprites.

With masking?

> Me neither.  Well, I would like to release for all versions of Linux (e.g.
> alpha)

Potentially I would agree, but my primary concern is something for a few
friends. I'm not interested in mass distribution (although I'll happily post
it somewhere). This is purely for my own satisfaction and for something to
play in the living room when we get back from the pub on a friday night! ;-)

>> <console only>
> Same here.  You'll probably get a lot of flack for this though.

Don't see why. Is everyone /really/ that desperate for X games?! I would
have thought a performance hit would be incurred by running on top of X and
considering the potential for badly optimised code in any of my efforts I'm
gonna need all the spare cycles I can get! ;-)

> I programmed straight to the OS with the Linux frame-buffer console
> (fbcon).  No need for setuid and crashes are no big deal.

What was the learning curve like on this? I'm really looking for a quick way
of getting a simple concept up and running, hence the attraction of an API.
I'm open to suggestions though...

> Heh, good luck with this :)  Personally, I prefer having no external
> library.  But I'm sure I'm going to get flamed for this.

Why the preference? For speed? 

> I've done two games this way.  One an asteroids type game, the other an
> (American) football game.  I'll send you the code if you want.

I'd be /very/ interested in that offer if you don't mind.

> I'm assuming you mean quickest development time?


> This probably isn't the quickest method.  More like the most basic (pretty
> quick to develop, though).

Sounds good enough for me ATM.

>> What has the most inbuilt sprite functionality?!

> This method would provide minimal sprite functionality.  Loading
> sprites/colormaps, blitting transparent/solid sprites, clipping, etc...

Potentially this would be fine. Certainly you have mentioned my immediate
needs above. Anything else I'm fairly sure I could hack up directly
(although it has been a while since I've done any GFX based coding...)

> Hope this helps,

Yeah! Thanks alot - you've given me something to look at tonight (fbcon). 

Any others wish to suggest anything?