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RE: Best API?

>> I've implemented run length encoded (RLE) sprites.
>With masking?
A good introduction to RLE sprites can be found here:

>> I programmed straight to the OS with the Linux frame-buffer console
>> (fbcon).  No need for setuid and crashes are no big deal.
> What was the learning curve like on this? I'm really looking for a quick
> of getting a simple concept up and running, hence the attraction of an
> I'm open to suggestions though...
It sounds like you are looking for more of a game specific API.  FWIW
though, I found fbcon access quite straightforward.  After an
open(),ioctl(), and mmap() you can treat the video memory just like RAM.

>> Heh, good luck with this :)  Personally, I prefer having no external
>> library.  But I'm sure I'm going to get flamed for this.
>Why the preference? For speed?
As was noted earlier, masochism is probably the best reason :)  Some other
reasons you might like:
1)  Not Invented Here syndrome.  I'm doing this for me, for fun, so why not
do it all?
2)  So I can learn how it works "under the covers".
3)  Because I'm not doing anything fancy like run on multiple platforms or
give multiple resolutions.
4)  Users don't have to install another library.
5)  I don't have to worry about whether the next version of the library is
stable or compatible with my code.
6)  I want to piss off all the library supporters out there!  :)

Let the flames continue...