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RE: Best API?

> Big things sometimes starts this way, you know! Quadra is in the direct
> lineage of Remtris 1 and 2, which were for the sole fun of the computer
> club at my college! :-)

Well, I don't think my little seal basher game is gonna generate anything
more than derisive howls of laughter! ;-)

> < The X Window Debate>

Ok. I'm convinced. X windows it is then.

> The fact is some guy in the world probably already made a library to do
> what you want to do that is both more general and much faster/optimized
> than you'll ever be able to make it. Unless you really are an expert.
> Are you an *expert*?

Which leads me nicely back to the 'Best API' question. So far I've got one
vote for the toolkit used for Railroad Tycoon. Any other offers?!